Top 10 Vital Hacking Software and Tools

The collection contains the most necessary programs and utilities for the hacker. All is presented in a convenient environment with background music.

Contains a following software:
Cain and Abel (sniffer)
– John the Ripper (powerful brootforce)
– NetStumbler (allows to define radius of action of network WiFi – in real time for the diagram it is possible to see size of a useful signal)

– Nmap (one of the best network scanner)
– Putty (a quite good telnet the client)
– SuperScan (powerful scanner TCP of ports, pinger and hostname resolver)
– Hping (allows to generate special ICMP/UDP/TCP packages and to look through answers ping a host in style of the usual utility ping)
– Lcp (audit and restoration of passwords Windows NT / 2000 / XP / 2003)
– Nikto (perl the scanner broken Web a server, with support SSL)
– Kismet (sniffer a wireless network 802.11 and the decoder of packages)

Download megauploadDownload mediafire

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